hey there again
i don't know if you read the letter yesterday
but if you did - 

every day is still too long of a while 
all as the world is telling me to keep a smile 
i guess i can't get a grip 
you could even say i'm letting everything 

what i do and what i mean 
two distant streets 
but they all lead to the same song
playing on repeat 

i'm a walking catastrophe 
and all i have is a hole
filled by anger and vice
keeping me apparently awake
i'm asleep to everything
until the light from your windows 
show up once more 

you know me too well 
the stranger who won't leave
locked by your side 
is the only way i'll be free

like Atlas up the hill 
i guess i'll keep pushing 
either i'll come through your door
or let hell take me for sure
i've come to face the king of necropolis
spreading the nothing into life 
but this time it's not neverending 
should i only take it 

black castle lets me in
yes i want it 
yes i want it 
gates impale me in my arm's skin 

staring at that storm 

every day decides my execution 
whether i will find the treasure that shopped shining
the bloodlust made my eyes stop seeing 

there is no depiction of this foul pestilence 
why would the lovely artist sweat for this 
view of death's horse as he silently sweeps his blanket onto me

no matter how far i rise above my past 
he offers a new kind

my heart wants to stop 
my stomach will turn against me 
my brain has nothing left 
staring at that storm 

this struggle is so meaningless 
and no divine help comes
i can gasp out of that water
where my blood stains, like vampire bites in my arms

but here i shall drown
in so much pleasure
kicking around
here i shall drown
and his crown upon my face
      endless morning
that i don't wake up in
the sun rises but the curtain dims
only light is her face plastered thin

her personality in the same dimensions 
as the graphics i watch her on 
and my brain's laughing 
on and on, wondering what's going

there is no sleep only 
the hole in my heart i'm filling
i couldn't find love so i put it in the search
and i found some good products so far 

but you don't need to inject it, no
or smoke it or let yourself choke
or bleed your wrists or do coke 
no i'm here right by her side...

endless morning
that i can't wake up in
blue light filters won't save you now.

endless morning...

why do you judge me so
if i was her father i'd be paying the same
but i wouldn't get to really get going
because now for five minutes i get to own her
as she lays across unfurled, paid for by my suffering,
grinding me through the gears,
but jesus christ, that doesn't make no change,
i still want to stare at her, i grow lame.

shall i rage against the machine
the one i'm feeding 
throwing her to the lions and watching 
with a frenzied look, one hand busy
I'll own her like nobody else
I'll throw away my good health
You don't need to die or bleed
no not when you decide to heed
the words of the madonna in 480p 
when i could still do this for free...

endless morning.
i will never wake up in
my old love's arms
for the pain
has probably brought her 
to the same end
dancing endlessly 
with no shame
and i sob as my vitality leaves me 
oh god this wasn't free
oh god someone save me 
a million prison cells worldwide 
just different fences, for us to hide
that oh god this wasn't free
we will never wake up to see
the light outside
for we die at 3. 
 He came and stalked me forever
from the bed which i rose
from the hand which i lift 

and when i see my reflection;
a stone to be sharpened on
a shoulder for their heads
sacrificing hearts to lighten myself,
while he says nothing, only pushing me along

i was born with sight
to carry my feeble body
towards the only goal
the water-hole,
my mirror thus far 

but he granted me strength
and i saw the blinding light 
and "I" died as many times as they
realising i have come from the same cycle
as the flames of the past 
no surprise, then, i leave ashes in my own way 

and when i see my reflection;
i am everything, walking into nothing
i will return to the stone of the earth
and he will wipe my blood in the water 

in the aisles of day to day life, he cuts me once more 
for i will put on masks and lies to put up with 
their lost souls 

for perhaps they have seen their thousand deaths
and despair, despair 
as they do not realise how we are whole